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All you want to know about Dedicated Web Servers

Dedicated servers are enterprise-level physical servers. These servers are used to host applications and services of a single user. Dedicated servers are the perfect option for high-traffic websites, web-based applications, and other high-performance-based hosting scenarios.

Dedicated servers are more reliable and stable than any other server. As it is non-shareable, there is no point in any spammer or malicious attack on your data. A dedicated server provides enhanced security. It is best for organizations with sensitive data,

It all depends upon your requirements. You can discuss it with our support team and select the right server package.

Our support team starts working the moment your payment is cleared. It takes less than 24 hours depending upon the requirements of the server for setup.

Yes you can upgrade a particular resource like bandwidth, storage space etc on minimal charges. You can also have a customized designed package for your requirements.

It depends on your package how many websites you can host on a single dedicated server.

Our servers are located in Germany & Finland.

Yes, you can have complete root access to the server.

what we can guarantee

Auto Updates

Daily Update of your data.

CloudFlare Integration

Cache content and secure incoming traffic.

Multi Layer Protection

Your website data is protected with Anti-virus.

Account Isolation

User-friendly interface to interact.

Email Addresses

Email with service purchased.

24×7/365 Support

Expert technical staff to assist you 24/7.

cPanel Control Panel

Many web sites still in infancy

30 Day Money-back

Money-back guarantee on any purchase.

Quick Install

Quick Installation of softwares.

Tezhost Introduction

Tezhost has been into web hosting for decades now. We have a happy client family of over 4000 different clients from different countries and different business environments. We look forward to embracing more clients to enjoy our quality Web Hosting services and gain 3x profits.
There are certainly other factors as well which prove Tezhost to be your ultimate web hosting solution.

About TezHost

Tezhost is one of the top-notch web hosting services among local and international providers. We deal in the Domain Name, Basic Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting, cPanel Web Hosting, Reseller Web Hosting, Business Web Hosting, Plesk Web Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Server & Dedicated Servers, Ox App Suite, and Free SSL certificates. Beside these, we are also provide vast hosting services for ASP .net Web Hosting, Blog Web Hosting, Cloud Web Hosting, Django Webhosting, Drupal Web Hosting E-commerce Web Hosting, Email Web Hosting, Java Web Hosting, Joomla Web Hosting, Linux Web Hosting,Node Js Web Hosting, Magento Web Hosting, Managed Web Hosting, Mongodb Web hosting, MySQL Web Hosting, Perl Web Hosting, PHP Web Hosting, PostgreSQL Web Hosting, PrestaShop Web Hosting , Python Web Hosting, Shared Web Hosting, WooCommerce Web Hosting, Unlimited Web Hosting and WordPress Web Hosting.TezHost also provide hosting services in different cities of Malaysia such as Cyberjaya, Kota Kinabalu, George Town, Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Petaling Java and Shah Alam.Our servers are based in Finland & Germany. We have a happy client family of thousands across UK, USA, UAE, Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh & India.

 Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers are the best servers for a website that has high domain authority or is of corporate or sensitive nature. A dedicated server serves the single website that the server holds. All the resources and power are dedicated to keeping the website running and operative.
We have dedicated servers that serve the right purpose for your Web Hosting requirements.
There are 5 pocket-friendly server packages designed to serve you the best service.
We offer the fastest RAM, large disk space, broader bandwidths,

A dedicated server is a web hosting package to which the entire server is assigned. It gives you more control over your website and also helps ensure that the websites of other customers do not affect you. Using a dedicated server is much more expensive than shared hosting. However, if your website has a lot of traffic, or if you have other requirements (such as additional security measures), a dedicated server is a good choice.
Some dedicated server plans are fully managed. That is, web hosting companies perform regular administrative tasks such as server initialization, patches, antivirus, security scans, monitoring, etc. Other dedicated server plans are self-managed. You are responsible for server setup, patching, virus protection, etc. You can opt for dedicated server hosting with us to get all the support and security you are looking for to keep your website online.

Dedicated servers are resource-rich machines typically used by high-traffic organizations and multiple websites. Dedicated servers are used to give end-users optimal access to a website or a client’s website. Ultra-fast load times, no downtime, large storage space, and available RAM allow visitors to get very fast website speeds. As your business grows, you also need to make sure that you have everything your website needs to thrive, including storage, disk space, and resources. Dedicated server hosting is perfect for fast-growing businesses. If you’re looking for something smaller.

Benefits of Dedicated Server

VPS has many of the same features as a dedicated server, but the two services are simply not built the same. Often you need the benefits of a dedicated server.
There are no set rules or standards as to who exactly needs a dedicated server. Anyone who has access to the internet and has the necessary funds can get the internet and use it however they like. However, paying such a premium may benefit most from the performance gains.

For Handling large Amounts of Traffic on a Website

Website performance on shared hosting services is directly related to the amount of traffic received. A spike in user traffic can slow down your website’s performance. This can increase your bounce rate and result in lost revenue. Purchasing a dedicated server can completely mitigate this issue and manage the increased traffic on this type of server.

Page Load Times Need to be as Fast as Possible

The web page loading instances of your web page are manner greater vital than you think. They significantly have an effect on the consumer revel in and significantly have an effect on your SERP rankings. Dedicated servers offer the most advantageous web page load instances, making your web page now no longer the best higher to apply for its site visitors but additionally enhancing its SEO.

Complete Control Over the Server Machine is Required

All other web hosting services have very limited or no control over the actual server. However, you can take full responsibility for your machine by using a dedicated server. You are free to install your favorite server software and have full control over its security. This is very beneficial for advanced web developers and users with their own specific needs. There are no set rules or standards for who exactly needs a dedicated server. Anyone who has access to the internet and has the necessary funds can get the internet and use it however they like. However, paying such a premium may benefit most from the performance gains.